Initial Commit !

by Vadiraja K / Feb 1 2016

In this post I will be talking about how I built and deployed this site in a couple of weeks. I decided to build a personal website for 2 reasons, it's cool :) and it helps in profile building.

UI Design:

The first task I did was getting the UI ready. There are many templates available under the Creative Commons license to use, so I picked one of them. Now with this base wireframe I modified it to look like the site I had in mind. This part was pretty simple as my UI was not very complex. Now just the content had to be filled.


Now I had to choose a framework that would power my site. For this I chose Django, for 2 reasons - its popular and open source ... and I didn't know it. Django takes a bit of getting used to because of it's structure, as it has a specified way of handling each component of the app like static files, template files and databases etc. But with the help of a well written documentation I was able to integrate the designed UI with Django.


The backend for the site is very minimal, the work done till now:

  • Integrating the 'contact me' section with the database.
  • Handling blog requests and rendering right responses.
  • Handling bad requests.
  • Deploying:

    For deploying this site I chose IBM Bluemix (Cloud Foundry deployed as a PaaS), and the deployment process was very fast. Some links that were useful during deploying:

  • Bluemix has its own domain name (it adds a at the end) which i didn't want, so i purchased a custom domain name from GoDaddy and after configuring some DNS redirects I was done!

    Overall these 2 weeks were fun and made me acquainted with the basics of Django. And when it's this simple I guess everyone should try and make their own cool website!